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Programadores PID 6800Self-tuning Multi-programme Digital Controller

Programme regulator completely configurable by keyboard designed for all process types which require actions on contactors, servovalves with and without feedback and continuous outputs.

General Characteristics

  • Storage of up to 35 linkable programmes with five steps with initial waiting time.
  • Control PID con selftunning o ON-OFF con histéresis..
  • Permanent display of the variable and its setpoint.
  • LED display for the control output action and alarm.
  • Configuration of the input type for thermocouples J, K, S and B. Pt100 probes, Ni200, ohms and analogic signals
  • 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA, 0-10v or 2-10 v.
  • Control actions:
    - Single-loop relay direct or inverse.
    - Double loop relay direct or inverse.
    - Relay for servo-motor with and without feedback.
    - Analogic 0/20 mA. 0-10v.
    - Analogic 4/20 mA. 2-10v.
  • Absolute, relative or band configurable alarm.
  • Adjustment of the measurement offset.
  • Output 0/4-20 mA image of the input signal when not using analogic control.
  • Auxiliary power supply for two-wire transmitters.
  • Input for operating with remote setpoint.
  • Start – stop station.


  • Power supply 230 Vac +/- 10%. Consumption 8 VA.
  • Maximum load for outputs mA with 500 ohm.
  • Maximum consumption for outputs 0/2-10 v with 10 mA.
  • Potential-free relay outputs with cut-off capacity 5A/230Vac in a resistive load.
  • Protection against sensor break.


  • Format 96x96. Panel cut-out 92x44 + 0.8 mm.
  • Depth 140 mm including the connection terminals.
  • Front protection IP54.
  • Rear protection IP20.
  • Operation between 0 and 60ºC and between 0 and 80% of RH.
  • Storage conditions between 10 and 60 ºC.


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