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Manoeuvre and temperature controller for electric ovens

Designed to be used in low cost ovens and hot points.

General Characteristics

  • Simplification of the electrical equipment and a reduction in the use of external timers and contactors.
  • Control and memorization of the cooking temperature, cooking time and steam injection time.
  • Incorporate preheating prior to cooking and a stop in the regulation until a new cycle starts.
  • Permanent display of the cooking time and temperature reading values.
  • LED indicator of the heating status.
  • Automatic or manual activation of the steam function.
  • Control on the oven light.
  • Cooking cycle start/end button.
  • Control on the spinning of the turbine in two directions.
  • Detection of open/closed door.
  • Detection and notification of operation breakdowns.


  • Power: 230VAC. +/-15%.
  • Consumption: 5VA.
  • Pt100 type temperature signal input.
  • One heating control output by a 1A/230VAC relay.
  • One steam injection valve control output by a 1A/230VAC relay.
  • Two outputs by means of 8A/230VAC relays to control the turbines in two directions.
  • One oven lighting control output by means a 1A/230VAC relay.
  • A 1A/230VAC relay output to warn of breakdowns and the end of the cooking cycle.
  • Operating temperature between 0 and 60ºC.
  • Relative humidity of operation between 0 and 80% without condensation.
  • EC standards.


  • Horizontal format 48x96mm.
  • Depth: 140mm.
  • 44x92mm anchored window.
  • Front protection once mounted IP54.
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