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Controller for dosage and weighing

Controller for the dosage and weighing of products stored in silos, which are transferred to another silo or container (hopper) in programmed quantities in accordance with an established recipe or formula to create the mixture of products in accordance with the type of product to be manufactured. depending on the configuration, it indicates the weight of the product in the hopper and the silos at every moment, and allows for the dosage and weighing of up to 5 silos in a programmed order.

A quantity of product can be transferred manually from any silo to the hopper, selecting the value desired and pressing the on button. the selection to operate manually is program zero or manual which will be displayed as manual mode on the display.

The implementation of a program or recipe is very simple, it is sufficient to press the on button which will remain lit (red) while the transfer program is being executed. while the transfer is being made, it will display the silo number, the weight selected and that in the silo and the hopper or the order the operator asks of the controller which will have priority over these readings. any anomaly will be shown by the intermittent illumination of the on button and message on the lcd display corresponding to the cause of the anomaly. all the values are shown on a highly efficient illuminated lcd display which is clearly visible by the operator.

General Characteristics

  • LCD Display for simple user operation.
  • Storage of 95 different programs.
  • Possibility to name each program.
  • RS232 output to a printer to obtain a hardcopy of the process.
  • Manual or automatic operation.
  • Control over the pipe blowers.
  • Possibility to block by means of a password.
  • Configurable to work on blower times or the weight of the silos.
  • Possibility to measure the temperature of the hopper.
  • Possibility of remote start up.


  • Power: 230VAC. +/-15% (50-60Hz.).
  • Consumption: 5VA.
  • Pt100 type hopper temperature signal input.
  • Signal input of load cells in mV.
  • Output by relay of 5A/230VAC.
  • Operating temperature between 0 and 60ºC.
  • Relative humidity of operation between 0 and 80% without condensation.
  • EC standards.


  • Assembly in a 310x265mm plastic box.
  • Depth: 120mm.
  • Front protection once mounted IP54.


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