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7905 - Equipos específicos para frío secado y fermentación industrialHumidity and temperature controller for fermentation chambers

Allows for the carrying out of the entire fermentation process, controlling the temperature (hot/cold) and humidity (dampness/dryness), verifying the different phases of the process (hibernation, post-hibernation, fermentation ramp up, fermentation, post-fermentation), with the aim of finalizing the fermentation phase within the day and previously determined.

Allows for the defrost operation in a controlled manner and based on the real operation times of the controlled output associated with defrosting.

General Characteristics

  • Allows for 2 different operations:
    - Manual operator program. The manual operator program (nº0) allows for control of the process manually and without programmed control of the different phases of the process.
    - Automatic fermentation programs: The controller allows for the storage of up to 10 independent fermentation programs (nº1,...,nº10), establishing the different work temperature and humidity conditions, also setting the duration of each phase. The phases are hibernation, post-hibernation, fermentation ramp up, fermentation and post-fermentation.
  • Permanent display of the temperature, relative humidity, the state of heat, cooling, drying, humidity and ventilation outputs.
  • Clock display which shows the time remaining for the end of the programmed phase in course.
  • Dynamic graph which displays the process in execution.
  • Operation from the keyboard of the chamber light.
  • Automatic control of the defrost process.


  • Input signals of temperature from a Pt100 probe or a 4/20mA transmitter.
  • Input signals of humidity from an extensiometric probe or a 4/20mA transmitter.
  • Output controls by means of static relays 1A/230VAC.
  • Power: 230VAC. +/-15%.
  • Consumption: 10VA.
  • Operating temperature between 0 and 60ºC.
  • Relative humidity of operation between 0 and 80% without condensation.
  • EC standards.


  • Horizontal format 340x220mm.
  • Depth: 60mm.
  • Polycarbonate front with an integrated tactile keyboard.
  • Front protection once mounted IP54.
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