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Equipment designed to control both static and revolving convection ovens with one or two racks.

Different features can be configured in function of the type of oven: ovens with two outputs for heating (a lot-a little-none).ovens with two steam outputs. physical configuration of the steam injectors.

Controls different necessary manoeuvres for the operation of the oven such as the control of the position and rotation of one or two of the rotating racks, the on-off of the oven light, the connection-disconnection of the extractor, the connection-disconnection of the turbine and burner, the injection of timed steam in the selected rack, a rest time after the injection of steam for each rack, the start-stop of the controller and the programmed start-up of the oven each day of the week at a specific time with the possibility of simple daily start-ups.

For 2 rack installations two totally independent cooking cycles can be conducted, being able to program the stop of a rack in the case where it is not in use.

Up to 4 ways of working can be selected to end the cooking cycle, from the manual activation and stop of the cooking cycle to the completely automatic without the intervention of the operator.

It has the possibility to conduct three phase cooking which needs to change temperature up to 3 times during the cooking cycle, inject steam up to 3 times during the cooking cycle as well as to open or close the oven flue up to 3 times during the cooking cycle, for the main rack and a single sequence for the secondary rack.

it can receive external orders from automatic loaders whether to start-stop the cooking cycle automatically synchronized with the loader or that the operator may remotely start-stop the cooking cycle or inject steam throughout the oven or one of the 2 racks.

General Characteristics

  • LCD display of all the data necessary to configure and operate the oven.
  • Configurable to control static or revolving ovens.
  • Incorporation of 20 programs for the production of different products.
  • Direct access to the programs stored.
  • ON/OFF control with adjustable hysteresis.
  • Independent activation for the initiation of cycle or program.
  • Activation of the cooking chamber light.
  • Activation of the on-off of the extractor.
  • Control over the generation of steam and its injection for chambers with one or two generators.
  • Breakdown controls.
  • Control of the internal temperature of the equipment.
  • Incorporation of different languages.
  • Remote Internet connection by PC for configurations and maintenance.


  • Input signals of temperature from K type thermocouples.
  • Output controls with relays 3A/230VAC.
  • Power: 24VAC. +/-20% (50-60Hz.).
  • Consumption: 5VA.
  • Operating temperature between 0 and 60ºC.
  • Relative humidity of operation between 0 and 80% without condensation.
  • EC standards.


  • Apparatus front 115x240mm.
  • Assembly in a 128x250x75mm plastic box. Cut of 107x232mm.
  • Front protection IP54.
  • Polycarbonate front with an integrated tactile keyboard which also incorporates the operating pilot lights.


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