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Fermentation Control 9920

Frío, secado y fermentación industrial - 9920

The 9920 controller is designed to control a fermentation chamber with a steam generator and a water reservoir for generating the steam. The controller is basically responsible for performing the temperature control of the fermentation chamber and the steam generator as well as the filling of the water reservoir.

General Characteristics

  • Permanent control of the chamber temperature.
  • "AUT" mode. Operation with automatic generation of the chamber steam.
  • "INJ" mode. Operation with manual steam injection according to a programmed time.
  • "AUC" mode. Operation with relative humidity control of the chamber.
  • Display of the chamber temperature and chamber RH according to the chosen set-up.
  • Direct access to the steam injection function.
  • Automatic control of the water level in the steam generation tank.
  • Internal fan control for the homogenisation of the chamber temperature and RH.
  • Temperature input originating from a type J thermocouple.
  • RH input 4-20 ma. 0-100% RH.
  • Protection from breakdowns in the sensors for temperature, RH and water level.


  • Power supply 24 Vac +/- 20%. (50-60 Hz)
  • Electric consumption 3 va.
  • Voltage outlet +12Vcc (maximum load 40mA) for supplying the RH probe.
  • Outputs per relay 1Amp. 24Vac.


  • Format 310x120 mm.
  • Depth 50mm.
  • Front protection IP54.
  • Polycarbonate front with built-in touchscreen keyboard.
  • Ambient operating temperature between 0 and 50ºC.
  • Operating relative humidity between 0 and 80% without condensation.


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